Thanks for joining me!

Some days we live in what I call “survival mode”–our only goal is to make it through the day and to bedtime. Maybe we are so overwhelmed or over-extended that all we can do is get through the day. It’s too much to do laundry or dishes or even cook dinner. Or maybe it’s because we are going through a season of struggle that is stretching us thin and keeping us up at night with worry. Regardless of the reason, it is not healthy to continue stuck in survival mode for long. It effects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

God wants us ALL to thrive, not just to survive, in spite of all of the challenges the world throws our way. So how do we get there? I believe it is by sharing our experiences, supporting each other, and by lifting each other up when we are struggling. It is by understanding that we all face struggles, heartache, loss, and pain, but knowing that we can take the lessons we learn during the “I-just-have-to-make-it-through-today” days and learn how to thrive. And it is by being real with ourselves and facing truths we might rather hide.

In this blog I will share some stories of my “survival days” and the transformation that has happened as a result of these trying times. I firmly believe that each struggle I have faced (and will face) forces growth that encourages me to thrive and become the woman God created me to become. I will share some stories that are yet unfinished, as well. We all have room to grow and change and I hope that by sharing my experiences in a transparent way, my words will calm another worried or overwhelmed or hurting heart, and will somehow help the reader to move beyond just surviving, into THRIVING!


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