Every Very Long Day

It’s been a long day, with a lot to get done,

 A huge To Do list, and none of it fun. 

The dishes are piled so high in the sink,

The clothes are all dirty and some even stink. 

The children now cuddled all snug in their beds,

While I run around, half out of my head. 

And I, in my sweats, grab a broom now to sweep,

When really all I want is a good night of sleep.

When in my exhaustion I imagine an elf,

I tell him, “Go quickly and please dust a shelf!”

 Grabbing a vacuum I fly like a flash,

Cleaning the living room and picking up trash. 

The moon shining in, mocks me with glow,

There’s no time to get it done and still sleep now I know. 

But then what to my amazement comes from the mess? 

A few lost dollar bills to pay for my stress. 

Not enough for a spa or even a drink,

But enough to buy a new glass, since one broke in the sink. 

Faster than I can wipe, the dust bunnies settle,

Then I hear a message, whistling from the tea kettle. 

“Now, Mother, now Teacher! Now Cleaner and Friend!

On Daughter, On Woman with work with no end”.

To the back of the house, to the closets and more,

Clean it all, clean it all and clean it some more!” 

As the sun starts to rise for the dawn of the day,

I am more tired now than mere words can say. 

So down on the couch I sit with a thud,

Slipping to sleep and a dream about mud. 

Footprints all over the newly waxed floor,

I cry out in my slumber, I can’t take any more. 

As I pull myself up, weighed down with no sleep,

I hear a soft noise and my heart takes a leap. 

He comes down the hall, his hair all a mess,

Saying, “Mama, I poo poo”, I expected no less. 

I change him and hold him as he drifts back to sleep,

I give him a kiss on his full little cheek. 

His curls are so soft and his feet are so small,

I remember again why I am doing it all. 

His brothers are snoring so loud from their rooms,

And I treasure the sound for adulthood looms. 

All too soon these days of working so hard, 

Will lead to me sitting, in a childless yard. 

My kids will be grown and will all move away,

And I will sit and remember all of these days. 

So no matter how much I hate to clean and to cook,

And regardless of the times I chose not to look,

At the piles of magazines and unopened mail,

And the times that I listed my day as a fail,

I know I am so blessed by this life that I have,

And though some days are hard it is not at all bad. 

Laying my head down for a few quick winks,

I know life is more precious than anyone thinks.

As I finally let myself drift off to dream,

A small little tear gives my eye a slight gleam. 

And if you listen close you will hear me, as I pray

“Thank you so much, God, for every very long day”. 

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